Social Entrepreneurship

Eco-conscious shopping community

In Hungary, 14 years ago, most of the people did not care about the source and the way of how the every-day food was produced.  But there was a group of 10 friends who decide to cooperate on finding good source of organically grown food. By time passing the friends of friends wanted to join as well and more and more people understood the importance and benefitted from local, seasonal and ecologically farmed and processed food. 

Now, we can even consider poping-up shopping communities throughout in country as a significant movement. There are over 40 smaller or bigger customer driven shopping communities, all together more that 3500 families benefit from these initiatives.

Those friends who started back in the past started an association and 1 year later they opened their eco-conscious small grocery in Budapest. Szatyor Association is an NGO aiming to promote environmental friendly lifestyle both in urban settlements and in the countryside in a form of organizing workshops, farm visits, camps, trainings and various activities in the ESC and Erasmus+ programs. The little grocery as the business column of the operation now work with close to 100 farmers and producers, have several pick-up points in Budapest and from its profit, supporting certain activities of the association. 

Why is it a social entrepreneurship? Primary because we can not separate social and environmental issues, one has significant effect on the other and vice-versa. So it is not enough to provide social/human additional support only, but we need to consider how we can raise consciousness towards ecological challenges and provide sustainable solutions. In Szatyorbolt, we take both approached seriously and hoping that is kind of 'new trend' now, it will become a norm soon.

Flour and Bakery meeting point