Youth Employability

European Solidarity Corps - Long-term volunteer hosting


Within the framework of the EU Project YECh, a training Course entitled "Youth Volunteering Certification" was successfully organized, on 20th– 24th January 2020 in the city of Larissa in Greece. 

Young people from the partner countries - Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Portugal, Belgium, Cyprus and Greece participated in the Training Course, in order to get prepared as trainers for the future pilot tests of the project. 

During the training several topics were covered, like the European Qualifications Framework (EQF), the European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training and the Erasmus+ Programme. Also, they reviewed in detail the Intellectual Output 1 of the project "The Profile of the European Volunteer Worker" and learnt more about volunteering in Europe. The last two days were dedicated to the project's platform, which aims to the certification of volunteers. Participants were able to work on the platform and test it to provide comments, views and ideas for further development.

Explore Natural Israel

SPNI offers the Israeli community and tourists from around the world a wide array of attractions open to all visitors. Learn about the opportunities 

Community Education Field Schools

Ma'agan Michael

Every Spring and Autumn, hundreds of families from all over Israel arrive every weekend at SPNI's Ma'agan Michael Field School, along the Mediterranean coastline, at the foothills of Mount Carmel, for unique birding and environmental tours. The hiking trail runs from the field school to the vast area of fish pools and along Crocodile Creek to SPNI's bird banding station. After witnessing wild birds up close as ornithologists measure and record their findings for international research, you’ll follow the creek to where it runs out to the Mediterranean Sea shore and hear about coastal issues and wildlife, while taking in the view. Today, Ma'agan Michael Field School is solely an eco-educational center and does not have accomodations for overnight guests.

Making a Difference -- the Ma'agan Michael eco-education team is working closely with new immigrant and at-risk youth from neighboring Jewish and Arab towns, focusing on birding and environmental studies.


Many of Ofra's original residents moved to the area out of a commitment to, and love of, the Land of the Bible. The founding of Ofra in 1974 also was the beginning of SPNI’s Field School there. In fact, most of these same people remain today the leading researchers of The Land of the Bible Renewed. Operating under the mottoThe Bible Is In Our Nature, the Ofra Field School aims to educate participants towards tolerance and love of the Land, always striving to introduce activities exposing the Land's endless wonders and joys, primarily as they relate to the Biblical texts we live with on a daily basis. Ofra Field School is solely an eco-educational center and does not have accomodations for overnight guests.

Making a Difference -- As the years passed and tens of new settlements were built in the region, Ofra's Field School became the focal point for informal eco-educational activities for 20 local schools, as well as all of SPNI’s regional activities open to participants of all ages and from all strata of society.


The Shikmim field school is located at the old Nitzanim site in a historic building marked for preservation- the old arabic style house referred to as "The Castle". Shikmim runs educational activities with local schools and and youth, working tirelessly to protect the "Holot" or sand dune parks of the area. In the park area, numerous community and public events are held: the traditional "Spring March", Tu B'Shvat celebrations, seminars, tours, professional training and more. The Shikmim Field School is solely an eco-educational center and does not have accomodations for overnight guests.

Making a Difference -- In early 2006, an area of the sand dunes in Ashdod-Nitzanim was declared as a protected nature reserve- a great achievement following a long struggle against developers.